About us

Our story

WiseBear Publishing began quite ideallistic in 2005 as an agency for starting writers. Publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Nook were the primary services.

But writers need a website sooner or later and so website building became part of our package.

Not only writers but all businesses need websites so our services soon extended from small to medium enterpreises. Then SEO came in, since a website without targeted traffic is as good as useless.

In 2017 upgrading websites from http to https became important. No business can afford a bad impression with strange warnings from browsers. So the green lock before the webadress became a must.

Then the new EU regulations on visitor data protection became law in 2018 and website owners had a new thing to worry about. We were happy to help quite a few webmasters to tackle the problem and got their websites fully secured and GDPR compliant.

As strong believers in the bridge between offline and online presence we developed a range of custom designed QR codes. Our codes stand out and have many flexible features. As the amount of mobile visitors keeps growing, the use of QR codes notably expands as well.

Analytics 2018-07-12 08-34-36

Growing amount of mobile visitors…

Two more features became in demand. The possibility to pay with crypto currency and downloadable podcasts. For these trends we also have the expertise in our team.

Our mission is to offer a range of quality trending and evergreen web services for an affordable price. So if you are ready for a fresh & professional online presence, don’t hesitate to contact us we’re happy to inform you further.