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We deliver several related services all centered around online publishing with one exception:
QR codes (Quick Response Codes).

QR codes are the visual bridge between offline and online content access. It takes away the hassle of awkwardly typing url’s into a browser. Instead a quick scan makes the bridge between flyer, paper bilboard or business card and the world wide web.

All modern smartphones have native QR scanners built into the camera, so scanning QR’s is no big deal anymore.

QR codes are a must for offline/online presence. We provide beautiful customised trackable QR codes for any url plus several different content options.

Web Design & GDPR

We deliver websites that elegantly match your company goals and style.

We take care of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) compliance, this fairly new EU law demands a set of special means for visitors of any website to secure their data. Website owners of non GDPR complient can become victim of heavy fines.

Another must is the secure domain (SSL): the little green lock before https://. Without this browsers will give unwanted warnings of the website not being safe. We can fix this as well.


Dynamic & Static QR codes

We design your custom designed  trackable QR code. QR codes are fantastic for online local businesses to establish a quick contact between mobile devices and their websites or lead pages.

As more and more transactions are done on tablets and smart phones, QR are to stay and will be used even more extensively in the near future .

problem is that they are ugly in their generic version. We can fix this drawback and make a beautiful QR code even with your company logo inserted. We can even build QR’s with changeable target url.’s and tracking. (dynamic QR codes).

SEO & Mobile Ready

Websites, especially professional websites have to respond to many features. One of them is Mobile Ready.

Not only will your visitors look up your site on mobile devices and expect the site to render perfectly, also Google will favour mobile ready websites greatly.

Apart from this we will optimise your site for the search engines, on site (the content has to be structured in a certain way) and off site (mainly through backlinking).

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What To Expect From Our Agency

Web Design

The end result will be a modern clean website that gives a good impression and the right information about your enterprise presented in the right manner both in content, style and for gaining love of the search engines.

Local Marketing

For local marketing the optimisation for the search engine locally is paramount  There might also be a special ordering/ appointment system necessary. We can built that in as well.

Free web audit

You already have a website, but you are not sure if it it is complient responsive and effective at all? Drop us an email and we’ll give you a free website audit.

Social Media

A social media presence is important for every entrepreneur in any field.

Directly and indirectly since the search engines favour websites with proper social media connections.

We can take care of your Facebook, Instagram  and Pinterest presence. The latter platform is gaining rapidly in importance since it is widely used as an alternative search engine.


Search engines bring you free (organic is the term) traffic as opposed to advertising wich can become expensive.

Making sure that Google Bing and Yahoo love your site will bring you to the first page on your favourite search terms. This is a vital aspect of your webpresence and we can help you to stay on top

Agency Package

This is our all done for you solution, website, design, graphics, optimisation , content.

If you are intersted drop us an email and we can discuss your particular wishes and the price.

This offer comes with two hours of coaching.