Wisebear is an AI project of CEETS and R&D Médiation to build an AI buddy to assist humans in survival or catastophic situations. The current state of the projet is at TRL 4 prototype. Wisebear is designed as a very quiet and benevolent personality. He always tries to help people to keep calm and think rationally about the situation.

CEETS has been on a mission to extend lives by teaching survival and wilderness skills to the general public since 2003. We do this through survival/wilderness courses, online training, books, social media communications, conferences, etc.



R&D Mediation is a research company operating in the field of AI for industry and process engineering since 2011.


R&D Mediation

Use cases

What Wisebear can do! Experiment! Test ! Check!

Use case #1

Train teams and individual by realistic survival situations in various environments, compare human decision to AI decision, improve the way professional are fixing issues and improve their skills

Use case #2

Generate stories about the evolution of a critical situation and make social experiments about how our decisions may lead to better results.

Use case #3

Study how different personalities and cultures act in a critical environment by studying several instances of virtual humans and wisebears.