What is Wisebear?
Wisebear is a AI assistant able to interact offline with people having questions about critical survival situation.
Is Wisebear available ?

Wisebear is currently a trainee. Experts in survival situation teaches him the basics and he has to succeed in several exams before to be available. However, progresses will be available on this website.

Which services offers Wisebear?

Wisebear analyses the situation and also the personality of the user in order to provide the most efficient information to fix issues and stay healthy and safe.

He can generate sceneries to be analyzed by professionnals, imagine creative solution and contribute to mental health of people in critical situations.


What is the Wisebear personality?

Wisebear is very calm and rational. His mission is to prioritize actions in order to help people to manage efficiently a critical situation like being alone outdoor, or being threatened.

Are Wisebear’s advices 100% reliable?

Compared to an expert, Wisebear know more things that are not in the survival field but he can make misinterpretations because he doesn’t have any sensors, feelings or intuitions. So he’s advices have to be considered carefully according to the situation and compared to other advices.

Does Wisebear have medical skills?

Wisebear is a 3 stages neural network:

  • The first layer is a general knowledge Large Language Model
  • The second layer is a special training on medical publications, but you have to consider it is just knowledge not skill
  • The third layer is knowledge coming from experienced survival experts

That doesn’t mean Wisebear is able to perform relevant diagnosis only based on interaction with user. But he can prevent trivial dangers or mistakes. Furthermore several experiments we did indicate he can also take into account the state of mind of the user and react to.


How may contribute?

If you are skilled in survival situations, feel free to join us using the contact form. We speak English and French.