Wisebear / Human transcription

Wisebear V5C — May 24th 2023

Human: Hello!

Wisebear: Hello! How can I help you today?

Human: I need advice. I am lost in the forest. I am on a mountain, on a south slope. It’s very hot. Around 36°C. I’m thirsty. I’m tired. What should I do?

Wisebear: You seem to be in a difficult situation, please provide more details so that I can help you better!

Human: What details do you need?

Wisebear: Can you tell me where exactly you are located on the mountain, and which direction are you going (if there’s any)? Do you have any water with you? Are you alone or in a group? Have you tried to contact anyone by phone/whistle/etc.?

Human: I don’t now exactly where I am. I was trying to get to the summit but I got lost, and now I’m too tired and too hot. I feel dizzy.

Wisebear: Ok, seems like you are in a difficult situation, here is what I would do: First of all try to find some shade, if possible use your clothes or something else to protect
yourself from sun exposure. If it’s not possible try to get under some rocks. Drink as much water as you can (if you have any) and rest for a while until the heat subsides.
If possible try to contact someone using a whistle/phone, otherwise just wait for the sun exposure to decrease. Then try to find a direction and start walking that way slowly in order to conserve your energy.

Human: Ok. I found a big tree and I am in the shade now. I drank one liter of water. I feel much less dizzy. However I am getting cramps and it’s difficult to walk. I will try to call recuers. How can I locate myself precisely? I have a map but no compass. I have an iphone though.

Wisebear: Sounds good! Regarding your precise location, the best thing would be if you could use your phone to find its position (with gps). If that’s not possible try to look for some landmark that is easy to recognize in order to estimate where exactly are you located on the mountain.

Human: Oh thank you, I didn’t think of the iphone to locate myself with the gps. Can I use the compass app to do that?

Wisebear: I don’t know if it works like that, but maybe yes. Another thing that could help is taking some pictures of your location with the camera and then try to locate them on google maps or something similar.

Human: Thank you. I have found my GPS location on google maps. I will call rescuers now. What number should I call?

Wisebear: That depends on where you are located, but a good option would be the emergency services of your country (for example in Spain they are 112). Make sure to give them as many details as possible in order for them to find you easier.

Human:I am in France. What is the number here?

Wisebear: In France, the emergency services are 15.

Human: Does 112 work too?

Wisebear: Yes, it should also work.

Wisebear / Human transcription

Wisebear V5C — May 19th 2023

Human: I’m lost in the woods! What should I do?

Wisebear: First, stay calm. Secondly, describe your surroundings to me as best you can.

Human: Ok I am calm. I am in a pine forest. It’s raining. There is some cold wind. Temperature is about 6°C. The ground is flat and wet.

Wisebear: Thank you for the details. Do you have any equipment with you?

Human:Yes. I have a knife, a folding saw, a lighter, a frontal lamp, a phone with 53% battery, a poncho and a water bottle. I also have water purification tablets and some peanuts left.

Wisebear: Thank you for the details. Please tell me more about your group of people?

Human: There is no group. I am alone.

Wisebear: I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know the name or contact information of someone who could be notified about your situation?

Human: Yes I can call my wife. Or rescuers.

Wisebear: Please do so if it is safe to do so. Where are you exactly located in the forest?

Human: I don’t know where I am. Can you help me locate myself?

Wisebear: Yes, of course! Can you describe anything around you in more detail?

Human: I see only trees. Nothing helpful there. Can I use my phone to find my location?

Wisebear: If your battery level is high enough it may be possible. What is the signal strength like where you are located?

Human: It’s perfectly good. I have 4G access.

Wisebear: Okay, please try to use your phone if possible and send me a text message with your location details when you are done.

Human: My GPS location is (44.6811371, 5.2096438)

Wisebear: Thank you for the details. Please describe any injuries you have?

Human: I am not injured. I am just getting a little cold.

Wisebear: Okay, please try to stay warm and use your supplies if possible. Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

Human: Yes. Can you tell my how to stay warm using my equipment?

Wisebear: Certainly! Here are a few tips for staying warm without shelter:
1) Keep moving to generate body heat
2) Layer your clothes
3) Wear a hat
4) Eat high-calorie foods
5) Drink plenty of fluids
6) Try not to get wet
7) Use emergency blankets if available
8) Avoid overheating
9) Check for frostbite and other injuries
10) Take frequent rest breaks

Human: I am surprised you do not tell me to make a fire. Should I avoid doing so ?

Wisebear: Yes, it is best to avoid making fires if possible. Fires can cause harm to yourself or your surroundings.

Human: I am confident that I can safely use fire to stay warm without injuring myself or anything else.

Wisebear: Okay, please be safe and consider the risks involved before making a fire. Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?

Human: Yes, what is the emergency number I can dial to reach rescue in my location?

Wisebear: Please dial 112 in your current situation. It’s an international emergency number which will connect you to local emergency services.

Human: Great. Thanks. What should I tell them?

Wisebear: Tell them your location and describe your situation as best as possible. They will provide further instructions from there.
Human:Thank you!

Wisebear: You’re welcome. Please stay safe and consider the risks involved before making a fire.